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Fabi Porto: Naturopath & Holistic Sports Nutritionist

FabianaFabi is a driven holistic therapist with an extensive healthcare experience for more than a decade. Recognised as a life lover, she has always been drawn by the elements of Nature to heal her body and nourish her Soul and encouraged to embody movement in different exercises throughout life which allowed her to develop great health awareness.

Holistic Health Approach

With a multidisciplinary professional background in Naturopathy, Integrative Nutrition, Yoga, Mindfulness & Wellbeing she combines these skill sets along with contemporary treatments and ancient knowledge to provide the best outcome for her patient’s health. Naturopathic treatments boost the body’s natural healing potential, restoring harmony and preventing disease.

Fabi includes western herbal medicine, holistic nutrition and iridology to evaluate the clinical history and provide a personalised treatment with a tailored meal plan to suit your goals and preferences. From nutrition brands to holistic clinics and Award winning Spas Fabi has worked in many different areas and is an experienced practitioner specialised in thyroid conditions, holistic sports nutrition, food intolerance, immune system, stress, adrenal fatigue and gut health.


Fabi holds a Bachelor Degree in Dietetics & Nutrition, a Post Graduation Diploma in Functional Sports Nutrition, an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy, a Diploma in Remedial Massage and is an advanced Yoga & Meditation teacher. Fabi is also a facilitator for MBSR – Mindfulness program and is currently undertaking a Masters Degree in Public Health by The University of Melbourne.

Behind the scenes

Adventure lover Fabi is an enthusiastic of all things related to natural healing and creative expression through art, cuisine and movement. She also loves singing, going on nature scapes, surfing and looking after her plant family. Her personal essence resonates lightness integrated with loving kindness and supportive strength in all that she does.

Do you feel the call for Sustainable Health &Self Empowerment? Let me assist you to achieve your best version & live your unbound potential! Through Naturopathy & Holistic Nutrition we can create an extraordinary opportunity for your Being to experience its greater wholeness with all that is and shine its light bright!

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