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Care for Headaches, Migraines and Dizziness at My Wellness Chiropractic

woman with bad headacheAre you suffering from debilitating headaches, which are having a negative impact on your life?

Are you tired of reaching for over-the-counter painkillers to keep your discomfort at bay?

You may find that your headaches are keeping you from doing all the things in life you love. A pounding or throbbing headache not only is incredibly painful, but it can prevent you from being your best at work or in social situations.

Headaches can present at any time over the head. They can even radiate to the eye and face or even the shoulders. This symptom of pain in the head or neck can produce visual disturbances and cause fatigue, nausea and sensitivity to light and sound.

Headaches are one of the most common reasons that people come to see us at My Wellness Chiropractic. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality of care, with Dr Natalie Pakzamir (Chiropractor) paying specific mind and interest toward headache and migraine treatments. She is Kind and compassionate and will do whatever she can to get you the relief you need through gentle, natural care!

Types of Headaches


There are three main types of primary headaches: migraines, tension and cluster.

These headaches are due to head pain versus an underlying condition. The cause of primary headaches is a problem with or overactivity of the structures in your head that are pain-sensitive. Primary headaches are the result of chemical activity in the brain, muscles, or blood vessels and nerves that surround your head and neck.

Sometimes it is a combination of these causes that produce headaches. In some cases, genes play a role in making people more likely to develop primary headaches.


These headaches are the result of an underlying disease that activates the pain-sensitive nerves in the head. These headaches have many potential causes that include the following:

  • Concussion
  • Dehydration
  • Ear infection
  • High blood pressure
  • Jaw pain (from TMJ)
  • Cervicogenic related
  • Stress related
  • Sinus infection
  • Meningitis
  • Stroke

How Chiropractic May Help

Because headaches can indicate that something is wrong, it’s always advisable to have your headache evaluated. With chiropractic care, we seek to identify the underlying cause of the issue and eliminate headaches from occurring.

In addition to chiropractic care, we offer ultrasound therapy, laser therapy, dry needling and a personalised exercise plan.

What to Expect

Our approach is to ask you questions to understand the type of headache you are experiencing. We will provide you with a proper care plan based on your needs. You also will be given some advice on lifestyle and stress management.

3 step plan

Dr. Natalie Chiropractor Book an Appointment with Dr Natalie

You don’t have to put up with pounding headaches. Contact our Ivanhoe practice today to schedule an appointment with Natalie. We want to help you get natural relief.



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