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Meet the Team at My Wellness Chiropractic

Dr Natalie Pakzamir

Dr Natalie Pakzamir (Chiropractor)

Natalie is passionate about inspiring people to realise their true health potential. She loves to see patients who have a positive attitude. Natalie graduated with distinction from RMIT with a Masters in Clinical Chiropractic. Natalie also is a registered health practitioner with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

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Dr Laura Lupone

Dr Lauren Lupone (Chiropractor)

Dr Lauren is passionate about healthy living and devotes her time to helping families achieve their health goals naturally through chiropractic care. Dr Lauren takes a comprehensive approach to patient management. She is a dedicated chiropractor that is passionate about the wellbeing and holistic care of her patients.
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Dr Jen May Chang

Dr Jen May Chang (Chiropractor)

Dr Jen has several years of practice experience in both Malaysia and Canberra before her recent move to Melbourne. She is great with all walks of life and has a passion of helping multi generations on their health care journey.
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Jae Rajabali (Chiropractic Assistant)

Introducing Jae, our Chiropractic Assistant currently pursuing studies in chiropractic. With a background in social work, Jae brings a holistic perspective to health and wellbeing. Committed to supporting our patients on their wellness journey, she provides dedicated assistance with warmth and compassion.


Liv Chilcott (Chiropractic Assistant)

Introducing Liv, our Chiropractic Assistant currently pursuing studies in fitness and personal training. With a passion for health and well-being, Liv is committed to supporting our patients on their wellness journey, providing dedicated assistance with consideration and compassion.


Clara Breese (Chiropractic Assistant)

Introducing Clara, our receptionist, currently studying a Bachelor of Nursing. Clara is keen to broaden her range of healthcare settings to develop a deeper understanding of holistic health and wellbeing.

Stephanie Dalo

Stephanie Dalo (Hypnobirthing Practitioner)

After successfully using hypnobirthing techniques for the birth of her daughter in 2018, Steph trained as a Hypnobirthing Australia™ Practitioner in 2019 and has been teaching the Positive Birth Program ever since. She can’t wait to help you understand the four key ingredients to a positive birth: knowledge, tools, preparation, and support.

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