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Posture Correction at My Wellness Chiropractic

In today’s world, it’s easy to sit back and slump. Often times, we aren’t aware of just how poor our posture is.

How often do you spend looking at a laptop screen, television, or phone each day?

We’re willing to bet its several hours-and most of the time, you aren’t properly holding your head with the support it needs. At My Wellness Chiropractic, we’re proud to offer postural correction for patients who’ve noticed slumped shoulders, a hanging head and even back problems.

How is Posture Corrected?

Chiropractor checking woman's spineWhen it comes to correcting posture, there’s two things to keep in mind.

  • Posture correction typically involves spinal adjustments so the body can re-learn proper position.
  • Poor posture is also a habit-this means we not only have to re-train your spine, but your brain as well. This will help you to notice when you’re carrying yourself poorly, therefore straightening up to correct posture.

When you join our practice hoping to improve your posture, we’ll begin with a complete postural and spinal exam to get a better understanding of what’s causing your poor posture. We’ll also take an in-depth health history so we can learn about your lifestyle and health habits.

Once we’ve gathered all necessary information, we’ll talk to you about a custom care plan. This will include spinal adjustments, at-home stretches and exercises, sleep-posture tips, and more.

Posture correction isn’t an over-night fix. In fact, it will most likely take months to correct your posture. Once your body is moving and functioning as it should, you may be amazed at how incredible you feel. You’ll also love how easy things are that were once difficult!

3 step plan

Ready to Learn More?

We’d love to invite you to our practice to discover how we can help yourself, a loved one or a friend improve their posture. We’ll develop a custom care plan specific to your needs and offer you the care that your body needs-no more, no less. Get started with your first visit by contacting us today.



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